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There is no Planet B, Let's ignite the people to save our home!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


The Movement Council operates interdependently with all the other bodies within G17Eco, in particular, it cements and unite all other councils in community-centred actions for the SDGs. The movement we want to create serves as catalyst for social and sustainable transformation bringing together individuals, key opinion leaders in society, NGOs and activist groups, artists, media, entertainment and many other change agents. Important players and stakeholders promoting open conversation forums, discussion and dissemination of powerful ideas that can transform the planet supporting the delivery of the SDGs by 2030. It will always aim to create mobilization and movement for change in a peaceful, creative and constructive way.

The council will organise both international and local events that will address the main issues and problems on specific topics that are now hindering us from solving global problems currently slowing the progress of SDG delivery.

"Within the movement council grass-roots community and societal initiatives can be leveraged giving a voice to independent movements thus creating a growing demand for more transparency, honesty and trusted open data coming from all sectors, government, business and civil society." Andy de Lima, Council Member

In partnership with media outlets and other approved institutions, it will develop a community hub and online space to promote and empower a peoples-movement that will raise up and demand changes in policies, practices, accountability and action from our leaders and brands.

The Movement Council also supports G17Eco in the organisation of its global symposium and conference around the SDGs every year until 2030. Ultimately, the council also promote emerging thought leadership community trends, ideas, projects and partnerships to unite the world in one single purpose - to save the planet and future generations.



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