Standardisation is key to build a stable open sustainable world

Updated: Jan 12

The Standards Council is our measurement stick, it supports all other councils in our missions to build a more transparent, fair and open data world. It also operate independently yet in conjunction with other bodies within G17Eco.

It providing support and vetting the analysis of ideas emanating from the Innovation Hub. The Council acts as an arbiter of the ideas (go/no-go) and a vetting body of data requirements. It perform the role of “gatekeeper” to the ideas and data that emerge from the Innovation Hub.

The Council can also utilize the community members in the Innovation Hub to host global hackathons to problem solve and idea generation for specific topics where resolution has not been met.

"The ambition is for the Council to support ideas particular to standardisation. It will add gravitas to the idea generation process, ensuring the maintenance of fairness and transparency." Dr Lanier


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