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ONE is social networking space with a difference, no trolling, no hate, no misinformation, no negativity, just a positive social media space for all sectors including citizens to come together, share and foster ideas and genuinely collaborate in the true spirit of SDG17 #Partnership for the Goals.



Calling all creatives from all sectors to share your art and creations with us that depict the building of a new earth and the awakening of the human consciousness. We will be curating a gallery on our Instagram each month with our favourites!


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  "Our planet faces irreversible decline if we don’t mobilise now in a strategic way. At the same time we are also the first generation in history to have the resources to bring government, business, civil society and citizens together to deliver a global resolution to poverty, inequality and climate change this decade. When we are successful we would have unlocked one of the greatest economic opportunities in human history and prosperity for all..."

- Manjula Lee, Founder of G17Eco

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- Nelson Mandela

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G17Eco is a non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales, United Kingdom.